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21. Carter Cleanup with Ashwin

July 04, 2021 Peter Hall
Pristine Ocean Podcast
21. Carter Cleanup with Ashwin
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Carter Cleanup
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I remember an incident that happened to me sometime ago. I was walking down the shopping street in a large metropolitan city. It was in fact London and the street was Oxford Street, but it could have been anywhere. 

It was late in the day on a Saturday and I was literally up to my knees in trash. 

Trash that shoppers had thrown away into the street. 

I was shocked, but more than that I just felt so helpless. 

I felt so alone. 


Everybody must find this normal to be wading through trash, I thought.

But if someone spoke out, I'm sure the people would sign up. 

Something was missing. 

A catalyst, a  lightning rod,  someone with the flag calling. 

“Follow me.  Together we can solve this.” 


We're talking today to a catalyst, lightning rod, a flag carrier. 

As a little boy growing up in Mumbai in India, he dreamed of making waves. When he grew up, he became a master mariner. A sea captain in the merchant marine. 

One experience while he was travelling changed his view of the world forever. 

A patch of plastic the size of France, right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 


Ashwin – Carter Cleanup

Most people don’t know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. 

Unfortunately I came across it and it was as horror scene. to see a huge patch of plastic waste in the middle of the Pacific. 

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